Create videos linked to your code

Easy to record, to share and to watch.


Easy to share

Create instantly shareable videos linked to your code.



Click on the code to control the video playback.


Privacy first

Code privately, publicly or only to your team.

Built for teams

Collaborate with your team as if you were in the same room. GitDuck is a collaboration tool built for developers.


Developer onboarding

Create tutorial videos and onboard new developers to your team by recording interactive videos linked to your code base. Teach them the best practces, introduce them to your repositories and help them be productive as soon as possible.


Code reviews

Explain your code or your pull requests using video instead of text. Leave comments with much more depth and details while spending a fraction of the time. Never explain your code twice again and save your team mates time.


Remote teams

Communicate eficiently with your distributed teams and keep learning from them. With GitDuck you can create videos showing how you code, ask and answer technical questions as if you were in the same room.


Pair programming

Work together with your team in remote pair programming sessions with just a click and without installing any software. Start a screen and code sharing session directly from your IDE and collaborate online with your remote team.

Open-source IDE extensions

GitDuck allows you to automatically link your commits to the video recording by using an open-source IDE extension.

Visual Studio CodeAtomSublimeVimChromeSlackTerminal

GitDuck is available for VS Code, contribute and help us port it to your IDE.

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