Why is GitDuck better than Zoom or Meet?

GitDuck has direct integrations to your code and the tools you use so you can have more productive video calls with your team.

Share your code without sharing your screen

Collaborate with other developers and code together directly from your IDE.

Low CPU and bandwidth consumption

Optimized for real-time collaboration.

Simple room links

No more random long URLs. Just talk on your team's page. Easy to remember, share and join.

Talk and collaborate in real-time with your team

Cross-IDE support

Collaborate using your favorite IDE while your team use what they prefer.

Terminal sharing

Easily and securely share your terminal session with your team.

P2P encrypted

All connections are P2P and end-to-end encrypted.

How can you use GitDuck?


Sprint planning

Talk about your product and plan your sprint development. Write user stories together and review customer feedback.


Pair programming

Easily share your code and let your team edit it. They can highlight text, share and type simultaneously with you.


Explain your code

Go through your code while your teammates are following and supporting you. It's just like having them side by side.

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