How to do live coding

You can stream to GitDuck directly from Chrome browser, with VS Code or with OBS.
How would you like to stream?

Live coding with VS Code

1. Search and install GitDuck for VSCode

Open your VSCode, search for GitDuck in the marketplace and install it.

2. Connect the extension to your GitDuck account

In your VSCode, click at Login to GitDuck, then accept that VSCode can connect to your browser and your GitDuck account.

3. Try it for the first time

All you need to do is click at Start GitDuck, this will generate an unique URL with the recording and your profile will be shown as LIVE.

If you have questions, talk to us at help @

Live coding with OBS

1. Add your GitDuck stream key to OBS

Open your OBS and go to Settings > Stream

Server: rtmp://

Stream Key: Login to see your key

OBS Settings

2. Start a streaming with OBS

Just select Start Streaming in OBS and your GitDuck profile will be shown as live!

Important: Streaming with OBS doesn't support code linking and Teams yet. Coming soon!

If you have questions, talk to us at help @

Live coding with Chrome browser

In order to stream with Chrome, you don't need to install any extension, just:
  1. Click on the "Start streaming" button on the header.
  2. Accept the screen sharing permission and select if you want to stream your screen or a specific aplication.
  3. Accept the microphone permission