How to link your code with VS Code

With our extension you can link your commits or code snippets.

Coding with VS Code

1. Search and install GitDuck for VS Code

Open your VS Code, search for GitDuck in the marketplace and install it.

2. Connect the extension to your GitDuck account

In your VS Code, click at Login to GitDuck, then accept that VS Code can connect to your browser and your GitDuck account.

3. Try it for the first time

All you need to do click on the + New Video button on the header. In the VS Code you can select any code and right-click to open the menu and select Upload Snippet.

Once the recording video is stopped, the code will be linked to the video.

You can also link a commit by doing a commit while recording. GitDuck will be checking for commits done in the local folders open in your VS Code.

If you have questions, talk to us at help @