Explain your code with video

Your code side-by-side and linked to the video timestamps.


Easy to share

Create instantly shareable videos linked to your code.



Click on the code to control the video playback.


Privacy first

Code privately, publicly or only to your team.

How to do pair programming?

Think aloud and explain your code to better understand it.


What is pair programming?

This a common technique where two programmers code together. Usually one is writing the code, while the other one is thinking ahead and reviewing. GitDuck allows you to do pair programming with two or more developers by sharing in real-time your code editor and code.


Can I do it remotely?

Yes! Virtual or remote pair programming has the same benefits. You can easily transfer knowledge with other developers working remotely. Another good point is that you can record your pair programming session so other people can watch it later.


How to do it?

With GitDuck you can convert any live coding stream into a pair programming session by inviting your teammates to join it. They will have access to your source code and their voice will be also recorded in your coding session.


Is pair programming effective?

Pair programming is a simple and effective way to transfer knowledge between developers of any experience. It helps you better understand your codebase and encourages collaboration between engineers. And the best is that you can do it remotely with the same benefits.

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