Pair programming with VS Code

VS Code and GitDuck logos

GitDuck is a video chat tool built for software teams that enables you to talk and collaborate in real-time. With GitDuck you can share your code directly from your IDE and collaborate with people using a different IDE. For example, you could be using Visual Studio Code, while your colleague is using WebStorm and you both could be pair programming without any issues.

GitDuck is great for developers working together, it improves its communication, collaboration, the team speed and by consequence the code quality. All team members can easily follow the code, talk and code together as if they were side by side.

GitDuck is available for multiple IDEs including Visual Studio Code. Below you can learn how to install GitDuck on VSCode.

How to start pair programming with Visual Studio Code

1. Open Visual Studio Code and go to the markeplace.
2. Search for GitDuck and install the extension.

Search for GitDuck on the JetBrains marketplace

3. After installation, you need to login on your GitDuck account. Click on the "Login on GitDuck" button at the bottom of your VS Code.

Login and link your IntelliJ IDE to your GitDuck account

4. It will ask to open a URL. Open the URL in the browser and in this way your GitDuck account will connect to your IDE.

Link your GitDuck account to your IDE by opening the link

5. Now you can join a call on GitDuck and your Visual Studio Code will show the option to start sharing your code.

Join a call on GitDuck to be able to share the code

6. You are sharing your code! Anyone that joins that call can collaborate with you and edit your code in real-time.

Pair programming on GitDuck with IntelliJ


Your code is only shared P2P and encrypted with the participants on your call. No data touches our servers. Be sure to check more details about our security here.

If you need help, don't hesitate to talk to us!

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