Teams UI: Part 2

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Published on Nov 11, 2019🌏 Public

This is the second part of the Team's UI task where I'm adding more information about what team the coding session belongs to. You can watch the first part at

  • ✅ When you see your own video, show if visibility is public, team or private This is done and can be seen in your profile and in the video.

  • ✅ Add that video is part of the team in description (watch page) This was added in CodingSessionDescription.js

          <div className="commit-team-block-info">
                <LinkToTeamProfile user={user}><span className="commit-team-avatar"><ProfilePicture
                <LinkToTeamProfile user={user}>
                  <div className="commit-profile-avatar-link">@{user.username}</div>

  • ✅ Add team info in explore (videos's lists) Added in ThumbnailVideo/index.js
    <LinkToTeamProfile username={username}>
      <span className="commit-profile-avatar-link">@{teamUsername}</span>