BigO Notation & Time Complexity Tutorial (Code Efficiency & Algorithm Analysis)

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- Published on Apr 1, 2019馃審 Public

Thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring this video! #MicrosoftPartner Check out more courses like this - #DevCollective: Check Out The @Microsoft YouTube Channel: Microsoft Dev Collective is a new place for developers like yourself to learn and collaborate. By becoming apart of Dev Collective you will gain access to over 30 FREE courses and will see new content posted monthly. To see a list of courses like this check out the link above! To be transparent I get emails almost everyday from brands and companies that want to work with me to raise awareness and exposure for their content or products. I鈥檝e turned down many high profit deals to ensure that everything I show on my channel provides maximum value. I would not have teamed up with Microsoft if I didn鈥檛 think that their project would provide amazing value to you all. 馃捇 Video Focus: - Time Complexity - Big O Notation - Algorithm Analysis The goal of this course/tutorial is to introduce the concepts of big O notation and time complexity. By understanding and being able to analyze different algorithms you can choose which are the most efficient and hopefully write better code. This is a fundamental skill that any programmer needs to know. ** WEBSITE: One-Time Donations: Support the Channel: Podcast: Twitter: Join my discord server: ** Please leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content!