Live-coding a Rust crate for cancellable services

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- Published on May 20, 2018🌏 Public

Following the majority vote on a Twitter poll (, we're building a Rust crate that provides a wrapper type for "cancellable" services. We're writing it end-to-end in one sitting, with the hope of ending up with a self-contained, tested, and documented crate. This particular crate has no external dependencies, so it should be a good way to get an introduction to all the things to think about when building a new crate from scratch, regardless of whether you're a newcomer to the language or not. We also touch on some of the new features in Rust 1.26 and other changes coming down the pike. This video is intended for users who are already somewhat familiar with Rust, but who want to see something larger and more involved be built. You can see earlier related videos in this playlist: If you enjoyed this, go follow me on Twitter, or on Patreon at to see announcements for new videos! There will be several more videos that either cover new topics (see Twitter) or that complete ones we've started in the past (like async-ssh: The code we ended up with is available here: