Swift: Create Facebook's Tab Menu system with UITabBarController

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- Published on Feb 27, 2016馃審 Public

How to create Facebook's News Feed UI (Part 1): https://youtu.be/NJxb7EKXF3U Today, we learn how to create Facebook's tabbed menu system using UITabBarController. We'll first start with a custom implementation of UITabBarController. Next we'll supply it with a proper View Controller for each tab. Next, we change the titles and images of each tab to correspond to their view controllers. As a bonus, I also show you guys how to modify the default gray line above the tab bar. If you're interested in the implementation of the Friend Requests controller, download the project from the below GitHub link for the full source. Enjoy and subscribe! Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/buildthatapp Completed Project: https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com/cour...