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- Published on Jan 2, 2020馃審 Public

Until now we were using Roboto Mono as our web typography, but I wanted to make some tests with other options. I recently discovered IBM Plex Mono checking and looks super nice on the screen. My second option was BW Haas Text Mono that Bloomberg is using.

The main difference is that serifs in IBM Plex Mono are much more visible. At first, Roboto looks nicer as its cleaner, but IPM looks easier to read.

We were using: 400 and 700.

And now: 300 and 700.

I changed the 400 to 300 so we can have more contrast to the bolder version. As GitDuck is always on dark mode, the typography is always white on black. There's a weird visual thing that happens that white text on dark looks bolder, that's why we are going to use 300 (light) as the normal text weight.