[iOS] Exploring MVI framework for Kotlin Multiplatform, part 2

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- Published on Mar 31, 2020馃審 Public

We explored how Views and Binding works for https://github.com/arkivanov/MVIKotlin

We also investigated how this is implemented in the iOS sample app.

It looks like the view interfaces are set in Kotlin multiplatform, but the implementations are done in Swift. Causes some interesting protocol/interface dependencies.

Looks like the bindings are done in the ReaktiveController of the sample app.

I'm not as familar with Reaktive, it looks like Rx for Kotlin multiplatform.

Kotlin code syntax highlighting in default Xcode setup isn't ideal.

Next steps:

  • Learn SwiftUI 101.
  • Understand how basic SwiftUI navigation works.
  • Implement TodoDetailsViewImpl (and View Model and View Events). Refer to Android integration first.