[Kotlin] Codility - Coding Challenge - Time Complexity

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- Published on May 22, 2020馃審 Public

We dove into some fun problem solving challenges in Kotlin. If you're grinding coding challenges these days for job interviews, this stream could be interesting for you.

We played around with Codility's time complexity problems. https://app.codility.com/programmers/lessons/4-counting_elements/

We were able to easily solve FrogJmp and PermMissingElem. We knocked off TapeEquilibrium but ran into some performance issues.

We used this library as reference for answers: https://github.com/HungUnicorn/Kotlin-Solution-for-Codility-Lesson

This is a fun break from some of the more intense iOS/Android streams. If you'd like to see more of these problem solving or code challenges, let me know what you want to see!

We used Scratch in Android Studio to interactively solve the problems with basic tests.

To tackle the problem, we first start with the sample cases and edge cases. And then we take a look at the problem description and try to solve.