Explain your code with video

Your code side-by-side and linked to the video timestamps.


Easy to share

Create instantly shareable videos linked to your code.



Click on the code to control the video playback.


Privacy first

Code privately, publicly or only to your team.

Built for remote teams

Collaborate with your team as if you were in the same room. GitDuck is a collaboration tool built for developers working remotely.


Record tutorials

Create interactive coding tutorials with video, voice and code to your teammates. They will be able to copy and interact with your code and follow your steps in an easy way.

GitDuck allows you to record directly from your IDE and link your codebase to the video timestamps. So you can collaborate with your remote team even if they are based on different timezones.


Remote Pair Programming

Doesn't matter where your team is based, with GitDuck you can start a remote Pair Programming session with just a click. Start a screen and code sharing session directly from your IDE and collaborate online with your remote team.

GitDuck allows you to do remote pair programming without any extra software and connect with your team instantly.


Remote teams

Collaborate online with your remote team in a simple and easy way. Create private live coding sessions that only your team can participate and interact with. Document your development and replay any coding session.

With GitDuck you can code with your team as if you were in the same room and collaborate online intuitively no matter where your team is located.


Rubber Duck Debugging

Better understand your code by explaining it line-by-line to GitDuck (that's why we are called like that)! GitDuck is the perfect tool for Rubber Duck Debugging. Record yourself explaing your code and share it without a hassle with your team.

Find bugs faster with Rubber Duck Debugging and share what you learned with your remote team using GitDuck.

Open-source IDE extensions

GitDuck allows you to automatically link your commits to the video recording by using an open-source IDE extension. It's available for VS Code, contribute and help us port it to your IDE.

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