Frequently Asked Questions

What's GitDuck?

GitDuck allows you to record and share a video linked to your code. So you can show how you code and watch how other developers work. You can use it to do record tutorials, do video code reviews, async pair programming or live coding.

How does it work?

GitDuck works directly from VS Code (other IDEs coming soon) and you can record your screen, code and your microphone.

Once you start GitDuck, it generates a live streaming so your developers can watch or you just share the link and they can replay your coding session. Check an example

How to start using GitDuck?

You will need a GitDuck account and to install the extension for VSCode (other IDEs are coming soon). Check the instructions here.

How can I link my code to the video

You can either make a commit while recording or just select a snippet, right-click and select "Upload Snippet".

What data are you collecting?

We naturally care about privacy and security. We record the screen, the microphone and the commit info that you commit while recording. You can always delete your videos and all data associated with it at any time.

We use Segment with Amplitude and Google Analytics to analyze the product usage. Any personal info stored is the one provided by the user and can also be deleted very easily by the user.

Is GitDuck open source?

Our extension is open source and we are going to open other parts of our technology soon. Check

Can I contribute to GitDuck?

Sure! One of the things we need help with is porting our extension to all IDEs and operating systems. You can check our repository here.

Can I record private videos?

Yes you can!

Is GitDuck free?

Yes for open source and public videos. We are going to offer paid plans for private and commercial projects.

How can I talk to the GitDuck team?

You can contact us at help @