Share your codebase using video

Your code side-by-side and linked to the video timestamps.


Easy to share

Create instantly shareable videos linked to your code.



Click on the code to control the video playback.


Privacy first

Code privately, publicly or only to your team.

Collaborative coding platform

Code with your remote team in real-time or asynchronously.


Remote work

No matter where you are and where your team members are based, GitDuck allows you to collaborate with them in an easy way by just sharing a link. Show how you code and watch your team programming privately and securely with GitDuck.


Collaborative coding

You can share your code instantly with all your team and collaborate as if you were side-by-side.Β Create a live coding session and invite other developers to code together with a collaborative code editor. Copy, paste and edit the codebase from mobile or desktop.


Asynchronous communication

We know that not everyone is working in the same time zone, so we built GitDuck from its foundations to support and encourage you to communicate asynchronously with other developers. Record coding videos and share your codebase with just a link.


Real-time collaboration

You can also collaborate in real-time by watching your team live programming and interact with their codebase. GitDuck is an open-source collaborative tool that supports live coding with low latency and interactive features for remote teams.

Open-source IDE extension

GitDuck allows you to record and do live coding stream directly from Visual Studio Code. Contribute and help us port it to your favorite IDE.

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