Built for teams

Collaborate with your team as if you were in the same room.


Working remotely

GitDuck is an essential tool for working remotely as it allows developers to share their code and screen quickly and safely. Watch your teammates working and collaborate as if you were in the same room or time zone. GitDuck enables real-time and asynchronous collaboration for programmers all over the world.


Collaborative coding

Work with other developers directly from your IDE or via an online code editor. GitDuck is an online collaborative coding tool that allows developers to program together via screen and code sharing. Watch other developers from your team working with their code editor and help them in real-time or asynchronously.


Asynchronous communication

Working remotely means you can be working from the same city or in a completely different time zone. As a remote team, we know that and built a tool to allow reliable communication between team members in a distributed team. Collaborate using video linked to source code and work closer to your team.


Privacy and security

We built GitDuck for teams working remotely to have an efficient and reliable communication tool. Only with GitDuck, you can do private live coding stream and record videos that can be safely shared inside your organization. Collaborate with other remote developers using our open-source code editor tool.


Pair Programming

Start a pair programming session instantly using GitDuck. Share your code and screen and collaborate with other developers as if you were seated side-by-side. Using GitDuck you can create a live or a remote pair programming session quickly that any person of your team can join.


Developer Onboarding

Support your new team members by giving them a video tour of your source code. Explain your workflow, share videos of your development or just record a warm welcome. GitDuck allows you to onboard new developers in an intuitive way so they can feel part of your team and quickly be productive.

Code with your team

Work live with your team or asynchronously.



Create projects and collaborate online with your team.



Document your progress with video and replay all your development.



Define who watch and interact with your coding sessions.

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